Landscape (wood transfers)


Lyndi beach
“Beach Memories” wood transfer with thick maple frame.

14″ x 19″ framed


Beach baby                        Beach baby

“Beach Baby” image transfer with rustic barn wood frame.

14″ x 20″ framed.



Cody print 1


“AZ livin”

Custom wood transfer, with natural wood frame. Mounted to “Float” off wall.


32″ x 16″


Cactus Large                               Cactus install 1

“Cactus in Bloom” Hand transferred image transfer with purple heart frame

36″ x 36″

2013- Available


Cactus Flower                         Cactus Flower

Cactus Flower

14″ x 21″ framed

2014- SOLD


Cuellar honeymoon 1                           Paradise

“Paradise” Image transfer with walnut frame. Custom Order

20″ x 24″ framed



Cactus bloom large                                Cactus Red barnwood

“Blooming Desert”  images transfer before & after

24″ x 24″ before frame

28″ x 28″ framed



Sunset in San Diego

“Sunset in San Diego” image transfer mounted with rustic wood window frame

24″ x 30″ framed

2014- Available


Beach Sunset                 Beach Sunset

“Sunset in San Diego (2) “ image transfer with grey barn wood frame.

20″ x 24″ framed

2014- Available


I do              I do


“I do” image transfer with grey barn wood frame



Pool groupRyan wedding detail                 SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

“Staycation” image transfer for personal collection.

30″ x 54 framed. Distressed red frame.




 “LOVE” image transfer with painted shadowbox frame

11″ x 22″

2013- Available


Ryan photo 1              ryan photo

 “The Groom & his fellas” Image transfer with rustic painted wood frame

30″ x 54″ framed


Ryan wedding detail


“Through the trees” image transfer of Sedona Sunset, with cherry frame.

12″ x 18″

2013- Available



“Childhood prints” image transfer/custom order.

14″ x 24″



Bloom cartoon                        Sunflowers

Image transfers in progress on wood blocks


Small_califlower-large                    Flower hanging

“Bloom” image transfer on wood block.

10″ x 10″, 12″ x 12″


hair flip

Custom Order for client. Gift for his daughter. Hand transferred text and image on found wood.