Wood Wine Racks

Reclaimed Wine Racks :

Made to Order. Can be done in a variety of finishes. Email me with requests.

Sizes:  (full rack, half rack, small rack)

You can choose to have holes in your shelves to store wine upside down.


before and after    Wine rack Original 1        Wine rack Original detail

Reclaimed wood wine rack- Full. Top picture shows finished product. Bottom Picture is the raw wood version, which could be finished with a natural stain.

14″ x 48″. Holds ten wine bottles and eight glasses.

See Contact info for price list & inquiries.


Raven wine rack


Custom reclaimed wine rack for a friend


wine rack half 1        knotty wine rack wedding date

Reclaimed wood wine rack – Small. Grey Barn wood.  (Added wedding date – see photo on right)

19″ x 5″ x 15″.  Holds three wine bottles  four wine glasses.



Maple Rack 1                           Maple Rack 3             Maple Rack 4

Maple Knotted Wine Rack

40″ long- Holds 10 bottles and 8 glasses



whiskey rack full 2             whiskey rack full

Reclaimed wood whiskey rack. Holds up to four bottles and has shelf on top for glasses.

21″ x 5″ x 15″.



Red wine rack2       Red wine rack       Red wine rack detail        Red wine rack 1

Reclaimed wood wine rack- Full. Rustic Red paint finish.

14″ x 48″. Holds 10 bottles and eight glasses.




Wine Rack with shelf          wine rack-shelf detail

Reclaimed knotted wood wine rack- Small.  Grey Barn wood.

30″ x 5″ x 13″. Holds three bottles upside down using holes, or four bottles upright. Shelf for glasses. (2)




Wine cork holder. Shadowbox wood frame with acrylic front.

13″ x 3″ x 20″

Available to order